About Us

The health benefits of regular activity are hard to overstate. But even though everybody is aware of them, a majority of us neglect it. Some involuntarily but a many more voluntarily. Because there is always a BUT – time, equipment, affordability, boring, too hard and so on.

We are here to remove all these BUTs and replace it with ‘YOU KNOW WHAT’. We are here to make home fitness into an active-indoor sports, that you will enjoy. Something that you cannot wait to get more of. To make it the best time you have every day - exhilarating, exciting and, of course, exhausting.

Justmove.fun is an effort to create the easiest and most enjoyable form of activity that is readily available to everyone to begin an active, healthy lifestyle. Our focus is to provide you your daily dose of activity while having fun. Our belief is if you enjoy it, you will do it more & often!

Leveraging latest tech of AR and Motion tracking, we designed these exer-games and game-plays as no-equipment, no-excuse, fun-filled indoor activity alternative, suitable for all age groups. A casual fitness solution, it necessitates full range of body motions as you participate in interactive gameplays and challenges.

Solo. Live group sessions. 1-on-1 challenges. Live worldwide e-sports tournaments. We have it all.

Just Move. Have Fun. Get Fit.