Frequently Asked Questions is an interactive, motion-gaming platform turning boring home-fitness into engaging active-indoor-sports, by leveraging latest developments in field of Computer vision, AR and Live gaming. Through our gameplays, we emphasize fun & community that the players will love to do every day and hence form an active lifestyle.

It uses your device camera for motion tracking and create interactive AR-gaming elements around you in real-time for a fun-filled personalized gameplays as well as multiplayer live active-gaming. is a Computer-Vision based gaming application that uses device camera to identify your body movements and create interactive activity drills & adaptive gameplays.

Ensure that you have a vacant area of 6-8 ft. Place the Laptop/PC on an elevated surface like a table or chair, about 2-3 ft above ground. Adjust the screen tilt for optimum player and game area visibility.

Once you are standing in front of camera, the app will identify your movements and posture. Just follow the instructions and GIFs regarding the various activities, games and challenges.

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, recognizes your body skeleton & is able to analyse your movements and in-game performance. You get detailed stats on your activity like tempo, calories burnt, performance, duration, balance, agility, etc.

After each session a summary of results is visible in session dashboard. You can also see your total aggregated activity progress report, global leaderboard, JMF Score, etc on the Your Progress dashboard.

JustMove can be accessed through all browsers only on Laptops / PCs for now. If you experience any difficulties, feel free to drop us a message at and describe your problem. We'll be happy to hear your feedback and will do our best to resolve your issue.

Mobile/ iPad app version of the solution is in development.

We consider user privacy sacrosanct. Our AI-model can only view a skeleton of your body joints and does not capture any video or images of the user, their background or interiors of your workout area. The camera is used to recognize movements and doesn't store data or record videos, nor does it save any data locally or on a server. All calculations are made on the user's device, using edge computing technology.

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